Like every great story, ours began with a quest. More than 25 years ago, our London based founders yearned after one thing from their Japanese home. Fresh flavoursome fish, fit for their beloved sushi and sashimi dishes. Unable to satisfy their craving, they made a bold decision. If the right fish couldn’t be found here, they would just have to source it themselves.

Having scoured the oceans, they established a strong supply chain of fishermen and as the leading supplier to some of London’s finest restaurants, qualifying as ‘Masters in Fish’. Fast forward to 2018 while the British appetite for sushi and sashimi had become widespread, the quality on the high street was a far cry from the dishes they enjoyed from home.

So being uniquely positioned to pair their own sourced fish with their extensive experience about the art of sushi making, “Sushiology” was born. The first high street shop to bring top quality take away sushi straight from ocean to customer.

Ready-made or made to order, we want you to enjoy our sushi and sashimi as it is intended to be.


Atariya Foods Ltd comprises of four companies within retail, restaurant, takeaway and wholesale. The Atariya Group is truly at the heart  of Japanese cuisine, with divison of wholesale food companies that supply to the UK and Europe with supreme fish and Japanese food.

Our chain of restaurants and takeaway branches in London offer authentic flavours with high quality ingredients at the fraction of the price of our competitors. Sourcing majority of our goods in-house, we are able to lower prices rather than quality. We are committed to provide luscious food to our fans.

Our chain of restaurants and takeaway branches are committed to taking you closer to Japan with every bite you take.